ICE 2020


ICE 2020 organized by the Hellenic Cardiological Society and Cyprus Medical Council took place online the 18-20 December.

Panagiotis Makrakis

/ Chief Executive Officer – APG S.A.
ICE 2020 organized by Kosmos Travel and powered by OneZero Event Platform for a completely online conference. The keynote speakers were more than 100 and the attendees exceeded the number of 500. New technology plugins were used to ensure the integrity of the processes.


Our solution

More than 100 speakers...
During the three-day conference more than 100 speakers and session moderators were invited. A small delay on everyone would through-away any program. The solution was the prerecording speeches. Our team with the timeslot plugin did a great job. Seven days of recording, two OneZero studios with our supervisors and the problem solved.
Two parallel conference rooms with the same live feed when needed.
The two conference rooms was not a problem. Our Onezero premises could host both with no problem. Since we have solved the time program issue, our premises were the solution, connecting the two control rooms we had the input we wanted whenever we wanted to.
Conference certification.
After the end of the three-day conference, each attendee data were collected and with our certification plugin we created and sent via email the attendee certifications. The files were hosted to our server in pdf format and can be download through the email link.


The conference with more than 100 speakers finished with no delays. A great success with the support of the OneZero Event platform.
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