Retail Leaders Circle MENA

Retail Leaders Circle MENA


The most powerful Regional Retail Gathering held virtual on 29-31.3. Where all retail Leaders meet.

Panagiotis Makrakis

/ Chief Executive Officer – APG S.A.
Retail Leaders Circle MENA, Stream One powered by OneZero Event Platform. More than 5.000 attendees from all around the world joined the virtual event platform. More than 50 speakers from 30 countries in 3 powerful days.
Drawing on its rich heritage as the pre-eminent regional retail gathering of the year, RLC aims to create a strategic commerce dialogue and deliver remarkable insights and highly-curated content to navigate and confront the most consequential challenges and opportunities of our time.


Our solution

More than 50 speakers from 30 countries...
During the three-day conference more than 50 speakers and session moderators were invited. Our famous zoom-plugin helped everyone to enter the platform with ease. Also prerecording speeches in our studios also created for safety reasons as a small delay on everyone will make troubles to the last one.
Incredible Networking...
5.000 attendees should chat, share their ideas, edit their profiles, upload their photos, choose whether they wanted to be visible or not, be notified when a message sent to them, to search other attendees by country, by industry and even to add to starred attendees their favorites contacts in order to find them easily in the future. All these happened with OneZero networking plugin. Our team produced the best solution tailored to our customer's needs
Social Media wall.
A social media wall page was created, updating every 10 min. with all the news, the posts from not one but 3 platforms, linkdin, twitter, facebook. All in one page, branded with clients colors and very easy to follow.


The networking feature was incredible easy with too many functions while the exhibition design with videos and handouts for the attendees was a key asset.
Macbook Frame