Covid-19 Training courses

COVID-19 Training courses


The need to create such a unique solution in just 2 week time to handle about 100.000 attendees was something that was above the limits, But not for us.

Panagiotis Makrakis

/ Chief Executive Officer – APG S.A.
This unique case study in the Covid-19 times achieved the goal of preparing in the 2 weeks time something that our country is very proud of. Training about 100.000 attendees in the 5 circles time. This training is intended for Tourism employees and hotel professionals, as it is focused on infection prevention and control for novel coronavirus (COVID-19).


Our solution

The time, the preparation time of two weeks for preparing something that wasnt yet specified.
OneZero's engineers in cooperation with the Medical school of the University of Crete, worked in parallel to achieve something unique, The key role was the parallel analysis of the project with the software design and implementation.
We were expecting too many people from different education level, the registration was a problem
Two-factor registration was the solution, hotels and organizations would be the first to register and then they could register their employees and members. Such a big number of attendees needed also more circles of training so we created different multiple registration plugin to override this issue.
The trainers and the guests would be from around the country, very busy professionals of health.
OneZero's engineers decided that the zoom plugin was the best for this project, the best quality together with low speed internet.
Too many trainers, too big agenda, too many questions.
First we created the agenda plugin with witch we automatically hight-lighted the trainer's name, so the attendee could see with ease to whom will issue the questions. All the questions was sorted by the trainer's name for easy access. The number of 2.000 questions per day was finally small.
The certification must be send to everyone who succeeded at the test.
No papers, no pencils, for such a big crowd. We developed the Test plugin, with more than 30 multiple choice questions, appearing at the same time in numerous attendees. After they completed the test, automatically graded and reported to the admin page. A mail was sent with the certificate links to download.
The attendees needed the trainers presentation files to download
We developed inside the program plugin a new feature with a download button appearing right after the trainer has finished the course. At the side of every trainer's name there is a link button to open all the presentation folders available to download.


In its first project as a OneZero digital event company, platform has enjoyed considerable success in possibly the Greece’s most competitive market.
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