Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee Web Press event


As Covid-19 changed the way press events take place together with Costa Coffee we created the way.

Dimitris Makrakis

/ Group Chief Events – APG S.A.
Costa Coffee was keen to host an even more enriching web press event. Offering a powerful platform, video creation along with our expertise in events, we created a web press conference that kept journalists connected and engaged.


Our solution

As Covid-19 changed the way marketing team communicates Costa Coffee came to us looking for a creative way to enhance this web press event. They wanted a very tight presentation filled with video and a secure platform to host their attendees.
Our platform offers the reliability and stability they needed. While shooting the videos our team created the questions plugin needed. Our team designed the pages where the host could view the questions but also created a control page to handle the questions before the host page. We had to be sure that there would be no wasted time. And we did it. All the invitations sent automatically by the platform after the registration process made the process super easy. Analytics and engagement metrics was also offered, while our director with the 5 camera system created an awesome feed for the live page.


The event duration was nearly two hours including the QnAs but everything happened so fast so nicely presented. Attendees felt connected and engaged. The goal achieved.
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